Company Policies

Safety Policy

It is FESMOS’Policy to;

  • Identify, reduce or eliminate all HSSE risks and provide necessary resources, programs and procedures to manage these HSSE risks.
  • Develop and maintain HSSE awareness and competence of our workforce.
  • Communicate to our workforce safe work procedures and ensure compliance.
  • Display warning signs and notices at work sites and all employees should obey such instructions.
  • Ensure work area is free of flammable or harmful gases.
  • Identify and assess non-compliance to safe practices and endeavour immediate remedy.

Company Affairs Policy

  • Suspend any activity that is identified as hazardous, poses potential risk, unsafe, Unhealthy or has adverse environmental Implication on the community until better solutions are found.
  • Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of host communities and to forestall community related work disturbances.
  • Maintain and operate under the guidelines laid down by client in dealing with host communities.
  • Recognize and maintain constant dialogue with all segments of the host communities in order to foster cordial relationship. 


What we do

Procurement and Supply of Oilfield Material
Line Pipes coating and wrapping works
Oil/Gas Process Lines & Facilities maintenance works
Welding and General Fabrication Works
Mechanical/Structural Engineering Works
Oil and Gas Facilities Maintenance Services

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